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Douglas Fairbanks has been high on my list to watch more of for a long time so last week I purchased The Mask of Zorro and tonight I watched it and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The star-studded cast alongside Douglas all played their part in such a magnificent film.

I have to admit, I was a bit taken by the charm of Zorro and I aren’t surprised that Marguerite De La Motte’s Lolita Pulido was too! He knew what to say and I was getting infuriated with Robert McKim’s Juan Ramon who just wouldn’t leave poor Lolita alone. It felt like a Belle/Gaston situation!

Imagine my joy when I saw Snitz Edwards make a fairly frequent appearance in this film. I actually thought to myself “I KNOW HIM!” Anyway spotting the stars aside, this film’s storyline was very well done and I was so engrossed in it. I’m well aware of Douglas’s athletic ability but my god he was absolutely excellent in the stunt work he did in this film. The storyline speaks truthfully of how the people need to rise up against oppression and stop the people in power taking over. It’s actually extremely relevant to today!

I think my love of Mr Fairbanks has reached a new level, next on my list is Robin Hood and The Thief of Baghdad!


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